Sunday Hunting


Hunting on Sundays is at present prohibited in Connecticut.
It has been suggested that in order to harvest more deer for more effective deer reduction, hunting should be allowed on Sundays on private property. The thought is that this would give many hunters more opportunity to help with deer reduction as they work full time during the week.

A bill was introduced in January 2005 but made no progress. There was concern that some public blazed trails (Blue-Blazed Trails) cross private property.

The Alliance has in the past proposed that Sunday hunting be allowed on a temporary basis to see if it helped to reduce deer numbers quickly and effectively perhaps over one or two seasons. However, recently many sport hunters have claimed that deer numbers are too low for them (at around 40 deer per square mile) and therefore they are unlikely to be motivated to help reduce deer populations any further. The Alliance cannot support Sunday hunting on purely recreational grounds.