Hunting laws


How much land do I need to allow hunting?

There is no minimum property size requirement for hunting with a shotgun or bow and arrow.  A minimum of 10 acres is required to hunt with a rifle.  Shotguns and rifles can not be used within 500 feet of an occupied dwelling (Connecticut General Statute Sec. 26-66-1d).  No minimum setback distance is required for bowhunters.  A written waiver can be obtained from landowners who are willing to waive the 500 foot firearms discharge requirement.  Homeowners also have the option of placing additional restrictions (beyond existing hunting laws) on hunters before they allow access to their property, such as where and when hunting can occur.  Persons who hunt deer on private property are required to obtain written consent from the landowner (consent forms can be found in the Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Field Guide accessible at any town hall or from the DEP’s website).  

When can I allow hunting?

Archery hunting is permitted from mid-September to the end of December and to the end of January in zones 11 and 12, (Sounthwest Ct and shoreline towns) and the firearms season usually occurs from mid-November to late December.  Deer hunting is permitted from one half hour before sunrise until sunset. Hunting on Sundays is prohibited in Connecticut.  Homeowners can place additional restrictions on when hunting can occur on their property, such as time of day or days of the week.  For specific season dates and hunting laws consult the Connecticut Hunting and Trapping guide available from Town Clerks or at