House Bill 5852: An Act to Control Lyme Disease

This is a bill, introduced in March by the Environment Committee, requesting that the state agencies who have jurisdiction over Lyme disease prevention should use their state funded experts' advice to educate and enlighten the public with the successful results of deer population reduction on reducing Lyme disease case numbers.  Elected officials have the duty to represent the public's best interests and end confusion and controversy over the critical role of high deer populations in perpetuating the Lyme disease epidemic. The State hires experts who have been paid to study the factual and scientific issues associated with Lyme disease and to look for real opportunities to prevent Lyme disease at the community and state level by getting deer back into balance.  Elected officials and policy makers need to value and respect the informed views of the experts.  State Entomologist and Vice Director of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Dr. Kirby Stafford PhD., presented evidence at the public hearing that supports the fact that Lyme disease can be ended and has been ended by three communities in New England including one in Groton, Connecticut just by reducing deer populations to a balanced level of around 10 to 12 deer per sq mile.

The public need to know how this works, why it works and most importantly that it works.
This bill will achieve that level of general understanding which is necessary before a solution to the Lyme disease epidemic and the high deer population can be effective.

To read and listen to Dr Stafford explaining this science go to:

This bill is supported by the following organizations: The Nature Conservancy, Connecticut Audubon Society, Connecticut College of Emergency Physicians, Danbury Hospital Lyme Disease Task Force, Newtown Lyme Disease Task Force, Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials, South Western Region Metropolitan Planning Organization and many towns across the state.

The bill was overwhelmingly approved by the Environment Committee on March 13 2008 and is proceeding through the legislative process. If you would like to see more awareness that Lyme disease can be ended state wide and has been ended already by three communities, please call your state legislators in the next week and ask them to vote for this very important bill.