Overpopulation: a concern

Phil Palermo

An excerpt from a recent letter - we are hearing more and more of this!

"Yesterday coming home I saw a herd of deer on one of the hillsides about 2 miles from town. There must have been 60 or 70 head. I don't ever remember seeing that many deer at one time before. Then later on in the evening we went out to dinner with my daughter to watch the basketball game and there were 15 or more deer on her lawn. When we left to go home we had to stop just before the stop sign at the bottom of the hill by the school to let 6 or 8 deer cross the road. The deer population is getting totally out of hand around here; must be all of the good hunters have left the area and now the deer think that they can take over the countryside as well as the towns. It sure makes driving around here a challenge."