Erin McKenna

New Alliance representative, August 2010: contact

In addition to providing a tick testing service, the Stamford Health Department provides education material to Stamford residents via the City of Stamford website and through informational pamphlets and handouts available at the Health Department (8th floor of the Government Center). Our laboratory staff, public health epidemiologist, and health educator are all knowledgeable about Lyme disease and its risk factors and will happily answer questions from the public regarding tick-borne diseases.

Stamford residents can learn more about Lyme disease and our tick testing service by visiting our website at or by calling(203) 977-5842 for more information.

Alliance representative: contact

The new educational deer poster is on display in the Health Department and in other offices at Government Center. For press article on the educational campaign in the Stamford Advocate go to :,0,1564797.s...