New Canaan

Russ Kinne and Mary Ann Kleinschmit

Town of New Canaan web site: then go to "appointed officials" and "committees".

Summary of actions taken:

Deer Committee formed 1998
Telephone survey of residents Nov/Dec 2000
Aerial deer count performed Feb 2001


The New Canaan Deer Committee is an ad hoc committee appointed by the Board of Selectman pursuant to the recommendation in New Canaan's Long-Range Plan that actions should be taken to "explore all means available for controlling the deer population to reduce the high incidence of Lyme disease." There is a direct correlation between the incidence of Lyme disease and the proliferation of deer. The all-volunteer committee has met and listened to biologists, scientists and medical doctors discuss issues and concerns relating to the environment, safety, health, natural ecosystems and animal welfare. Our objective is to raise awareness and provide an educational forum for the community.

To find a hunter:
The Deer Hotline is 594-3138. If a resident leaves a number, we will return the call and give information for hiring a hunter, and providing a list of names for those who are available to hunt, using bow and arrow. There is no minimum acreage required for archery hunting which will be performed from elevated temporary tree stands.

More information may be obtained from the Environmental Health Department at Town Hall or by calling the State Department of Environmental Protection at 860-642-7239. Letters were sent to all households with the Deer Committee Recommendations.

Deer Committee Letter available on town web site:

The Town of New Canaan Survey on Lyme disease and Deer Issues was conducted by the University of Connecticut's Center for Research and Analysis.

The Town Survey is available on the town web site, or it may be picked up in the Selectman's office in Town Hall.



Ruth Smithers, Chairman
Nancy Sessions, Secretary
Carol Bauer
Charles Bryk
Russ Kinne
Mary Ann Kleinschmit

You may contact the Deer Committee by e-mail at