12-14-2015 - Meeting Agenda

Fairfield County Municipal Deer Management Alliance
Minutes – December 14, 2015
Wilton Town Hall
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Streit at 10:40am.
The following board members were in attendance:
Dave Streit, Redding – Chairman
Russ Cornelius, Brookfield 
Tom and Laurie McGrath, Darien
Theresa Gallagher, Shelton
Thomas Lombardo, Stamford
Colin Kelly, Westport
Minutes of the October meeting were approved.
Russ Cornelius (Brookfield) reported that despite the new Sunday Hunting law now in effect, so 
far in 2015, deer hunt numbers are way down from previous years. 
Compare this year's deer harvest numbers here:
With the year 2014 here:  
With just weeks to go in the current hunting season and only 7700 deer harvested, it seems 
unlikely that the 3-year historical average of 12,956 deer will be harvested.
The thought of merging the FCMDMA with the HVCEO Tick-Borne Illness group is currently 
on hold.  An informal coordination of initiatives is probably sufficient to promote our mission.
Theresa Gallagher (Shelton) shared a copy of the Deer Committee Report she had prepared last 
year.  Action on the report is currently in a stall with the town elected officials.
Theresa will share information at the Fairfield County Regional Conservation Committee 
meeting and will be working on contacting persons in Trumbull.
Tom and Laurie McGrath (Darien) – A second “letter to the editor” has been submitted.   
There have been fewer bowhunter inquiries this year, but they are assuming that previous 
bowhunter/land owner pairs are in place.
A Springfield, MA hunter has been in contact and is interested in learning from our Alliance to 
begin a similar program in his area.
Colin Kelly (Westport) – No issues to report.
Tom Lombardo (Stamford) – No issues to report.   Tom will contact friend and First Selectman, 
Bob Mallozi, Jr. in New Canaan to encourage deer management efforts in New Canaan.
Dave Streit (Redding) –  Julia Pemberton doing a very good job with deer management in 
Hunters remain opposed to deer reduction
Sunday hunting is having little impact on harvest totals.
Additional Discussion
Discussion followed concerning the need to appoint a Treasurer to replace Pat Sesto.  All 
suggestions/nominations are welcomed.
Informal discussion was shared related to the current “mast acorn year”.  This is having an effect 
on deer feeding habits. 
 Also, Dave encouraged everyone to keep up all the efforts to inform community members of the 
necessity of managing the deer population; direct contact with individuals and groups as well as 
written letters to the editors and published articles are effective.
Dave recommended checking the U.K. Daily Mail website for Lyme disease articles.   They are a 
terrific source for understanding the scope of that health issue.
Two motions were proposed from the floor
Motion to schedule Alliance meetings for 
June 13, 2016 
December 12, 2016
Motion to reimburse the Chairman $2000 for attorney associated with defending the Alliance at 
Both motions carried. 
Meeting adjourned at 11:42.
Respectfully submitted,   Laurie McGrath