9-8-2014 - Meeting Minutes

Fairfield County Deer Management Alliance

Meeting dated September 8, 2014

Wilton Town Hall



In attendance:                                                             Observers:

David Streit, President, Redding                                  Peter Knight, Westport

Russell Cornelius, Brookfield                          Peter Hood, Fairfield

Colin Kelly, Westport                                      Matthew Brisch, “Pure Solutions”



The meeting was opened at 10.30 a.m. by David Streit, President.


In view of the few official representatives in attendance and the uncertainty about whether a quorum was present, David Streit decided that the meeting would be informal and no resolutions would be passed.  Accordingly, approval of the previous meeting Minutes was deferred until the next meeting. Similarly, no Treasurer’s report was submitted.




Russ Cornelius commented that the new First Selectman of Brookfield  was viewed as “controversial”.  There had been little formal handover and Russ had directed his efforts towards keeping the deer committee alive.  He praised the efforts of the hunting group, White Tail Solutions, but effective deer management could not be achieved by sport hunting alone principally because of  the different objectives of hunters and population reduction advocates.  Even expanded permits such as hunting on State property, an extended season and the use of cross bows did not work.  A program spear headed by the DEEP was needed.  This should include, among other measures, year round hunting on private property. And the need to show that, in order to obtain an extended hunting permit to protect from crop damage, a crop-raising enterprise was profitable should be done away with.  A permit should be allowed, for example, for people growing organic crops for their own consumption.


For Westport, Colin Kelly noted that the 2013 Town deer report had been included in the Alliance website but in a new sub-section that was not readily found.  David asked that Colin send him an e-mail and he would arrange for the necessary change to be made.


For Redding, David Streit said that the Town deer warden, a position created 10 years ago, was debating whether to allow hunting on Town property – David had recommended against.  The “Be Safe Redding” program,  organized outside town official channels, continued to be highly effective.



Russ Cornelius mentioned that a Lyme symposium was being organized by a group of doctors on September 16 in Hartford.

David Streit said he would pursue the ides of visiting Town First Selectmen and the political leaders in Hartford.


David then invited Matthew Brisch to talk about his company.  Matthew had attended the meeting simply to inform himself about the Alliance’s activities.  His company was relatively new to the Fairfield area. They promoted mosquito and tick control through the use of non-insecticide organic substances.  He noted that to operate in the area of tick control, his company was concerned to obtain s DEEP issued “certified operator’s license” that Matthew had obtained after passing DEEP’s extremely rigorous  exams.


David Streit asked for any additional comments from the public.  There being none, the meeting ended at 11.23 a.m.